Utvandrare. Emigrants

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På min mormors sida.
Relationship with my grandmother

P160 Erik Nilsson, born in Karlskoga 1845.
Date of emigration: 1869 April 9
Destination: N. Amerika. Travels alone.

They were all brothers of P49 Matilda Nilsdotter

The family had four sons. All emigrated.

  Their destiny is unknown


P161 Nils Nilsson, born in Karlskoga 1847.
Date of emigration: 1870 October 28
Destination: N. Amerika. Travels alone.
P173 Karl Nilsson, born in Karlskoga 1857.
Date of emigration: 1878 April 19
Destination: Kellog. Travels alone.
(Kellog Iowa, east of Des Moines)
P174 Johan Nilsson, born in Karlskoga 1862.
Date of emigration: 1889 April 4
Destination: Pueblo Colorado. Travels alone.

P206 Matilda Eriksson, born in Karlskoga 1858.
Date of emigration: 1882 June 8
Destination: New York.
Died in Muskegon, Michigan.

Sisters of P48 Erik Eriksson

Their destiny is known

P208 Maria Eriksson, born in Karlskoga 1863.
Date of emigration: 1887 April 29
Destination: Muskegon. Travels alone.
Died in Pueblo, Colorado.


Erik Eriksson, born in Karlskoga 1881.
Date of emigration: 1908 September
Destination: Winnipeg. Travels alone.

 Destiny after 1909 is unknown
Read more about Erik and Winnipeg...

1911 Census. Red Deer Alberta Canada. Correct name. Correct year of birth.
But, year of immigration is 1906. Conclusions: wrong person or wrong year...

Son of P48 Erik and P49 Matilda




På min morfars sida.
Relationship with my grandfather

P1183 Gustav Andersson, born in Karlskoga 1853.
Date of emigration: 1880 September 28
Destination: Amerika. Travels alone.
Living in 1898, according to his mothers estate inventory proceedings.


Their destiny is unknown

It's possible that P114 Anna Johansson visited Gustav,  in one of her journey to Amerika.
He was her uncle.

In the photo album "Alfreds och Annas album" you find this photo with the caption:
"Oncle Gustav and wife in Iowa"
Can it be Gustav P1183?
In the same album is this photo with the caption:
"Cousins from USA"


P1180 Erik Andersson, born in Karlskoga 1857.
Date of emigration: 1882 September 8
Destination: Amerika. Travels alone.
Living in Amerika 1898, according to his mothers estate inventory proceedings.

Brothers of P43 Kristina Andersdotter

My grandfathers grandmother

P39 Jonas Ekblom, born in Karlskoga 1878.
Date of emigration: 1905 March 22
Destination: New York. Travels alone.
Came back before December 1907.

My grandfathers father
His destiny is known

P114 Anna Johansson, born in Karlskoga 1887.
Crossed the Atlantic three times. The first time 1922.
                   Read more about Anna

My grandfathers aunt
Her destiny is known



På min farfars sida.
Relationship with my grandfather

P145 Erik Eriksson, born in Fellingsbro 1889.
Emigrates 1923.  Travels alone. His wife Paulina and daughter Thora leaves Karlskoga 1924 for Worcester, Massasuchetts.
He came back to Sweden 1964. Died 1969 in Örebro.

His wife:
P2255 Paulina Svensson
b. 1890-08-31 in Ödeborg, Swe, d. 1963-10-19 USA

His daughter:
P2257 Tora Eriksson
b. 1918-04-24 in Karlskoga, Swe, d. 1989-05-01 USA


My grandfathers uncle

Where did they live 1932-1963?
Thoras was married Babcock, and 1970 she lives in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

Babcock, Thora E ET AL
4012 Route 9 N
Maimone, Sr Joseph & Kathryn
30-33 Heywood Ave
Property location:
1-15 28th St

P4893 Maria Karolina Karlsson My grandfathers fathers cousin
  b. 1882-03-02 in Kvistbro
Emigrates 1903-09-30

  Children of P3338 Erland Pettersson
My grandfathers grandmothers nephews
  P4277 Karl Erlandsson
P4280 Augusta Erlandsdotter
P4281 Josefina Erlandsdotter
b. 1862-02-16 in Nysund
b. 1870-08-26 in Nysund
b. 1878-10-15 in Kvistbro
emigrates in 1885, dest. North America
emigrates in 1888, dest. Boston
emigrates in 1893, dest. New York

P3335 Petter Pettersson, born 1831 in Nysund.                  My grandfathers grandmothers halfbrother
The family emigrates in 1882
The Crofter family:
   Johanna Albertina
   Johan August
   Emilia Maria
   Hilda Karolina
b. 1831-02-04 in Nysund
b. 1836-10-19 in Nysund
b. 1860-05-20 in Kvistbro
b. 1863-04-27 in Kvistbro
b. 1866-01-01 in Kvistbro
b. 1869-12-25 in Kvistbro
b. 1874-06-29 in Kvistbro
51 year
45 year
21 year
19 year
16 year
12 year
  7 year

P1704 August Johansson, born 1855 in Nysund.
He emigrates in 1882.
My grandfathers grandfathers halfbrother
August and Anders Filemon are brothers.

P1708 Anders Filemon Johansson, born 1867 in Nysund.
He emigrates in 1887.
Dead 1946 in Ludington, Michigan, USA
My grandfathers grandfathers halfbrother



Andra avlägsna släktingar som utvandrat
Distant-related family members who emigrated

P376 Ingeborg Ekblom b.1873 in Karlskoga  
P387 Birger Söderlind b.1895 in Karlskoga d.1962 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
P409 Anna-Lisa Nilsdotter b.1829 in Karlskoga  
P413 Folke Ekblom b.1885 in Karlskoga  
P416 Anders Nilsson b.1830 in Bjurtjärn d.1923 in USA
P457 Anders Gullberg    
P458 Jonas Gullberg b.1901 in Butte, Montana d.1973 in USA
P747 Kristina Nilsdotter b.1845 in Karlskoga  
P1158 Mary Nilsdotter b.1855 in Tuolon, Colorado  
P1159 Anna Nilsdotter b.1857 in Kewanee, Illinois  
P1160 Kristina Nilsdotter b.1860 in Kewanee, Illinois  
P1161 Karl Nilsson b.1862 in Kewanee, Illinois  
P1162 Emil Nilsson b.1867 in Beaver, ?, USA  
P1392 Karl Orest b.1888 in Skedevi d.1964 in Bradenton, Florida
P1417 August Pettersson b.1879 in Hidinge 1899 to America
P1419 Johan Pettersson b.1884 in Hidinge 1904 to Port Arthur, Canada
P1704 August Johansson b.1855 in Nysund  
P2050 Asta Andersson b.1920 in Karlstad d.1998 in Oregon
P2053 Oskar Andersson b.1898 in Molkom d.1986 in USA
P2054 Vendela Olsson b.1892 in Grava d.1948 in New York
P2218 Adolf Karlsson b.1871 in Kvistbro  
P2319 Stina Magnusdotter b.1825 in Karlskoga  
P2579 Sven Skoglund b.1870 in Nedre Ullerud emigrerade till Norge
P2580 Oskar Skoglund b.1880 in Nedre Ullerud emigrerade till Norge
P2621 Per Molin b.1838 in Glanshammar Father. Emigrated 1874
P2604 Anna Molin b.1868 in Glanshammar Daughter. Emigrated 1886
P2964 Axel Ekblom b.1870 in Dalby  
P3152 Erik Harald Stockhaus b.1900 in Nora Destination New York 1923
P3587 Johan Boustedt b.1863 in Karlsborg d.1894 in Chile
P3677 Johanna Nilsdotter b.1844 in Karlskoga  
P3682 Johan Nilsson b.1857 in Karlskoga  
P3683 Nils Nilsson b.1859 in Karlskoga  
P3685 Karl Nilsson b.1864 in Karlskoga  
P3696 Gustav Nilsson b.1871 in Karlskoga  
P3746 Anders Stålnacke b.1840 in Nysund
P3755 Erik Brattström b.1860 in Karlskoga  
P3756 Lovisa Brattström b.1862 in Karlskoga  
P3758 Gustav Brattström b.1866 in Karlskoga  
P3762 Erik Brattström b.1854 in Karlskoga  
P3764 Lovisa Brattström b.1857 in Karlskoga  
P3794 Anna Eriksdotter b.1891 in Karlskoga  
P3795 Hanna Eriksdotter b.1893 in Karlskoga  
P3865 Kristina Karlsdotter b.1858 in Hidinge  
P3868 Maria Karlsdotter b.1865 in Karlskoga  
P3869 Gustav Karlsson b.1870 in Karlskoga  
P3948 Erik Vilhelm Persson b.1850 in Karlskoga  
P3997 Lovisa Bergius b.1862 in Karlskoga  
P4054 Karl Gustavsson b.1849 in Karlskoga  
P4066 Jonas Nilsson b.1827 in Bjurtjärn  
P4088 Karl Hultgren b.1860 in Karlskoga  
P4091 Johanna Karlsdotter b.1869 in Karlskoga  
P4092 Anders Karlsson b.1874 in Karlskoga  
P4102 Karl Reinholdsson b.1824 in Karlskoga  
P4103 Sara Reinholdsdotter b.1825 in Karlskoga  
P4108 Maria Olsdotter b.1866 in Karlskoga  
P4111 Ida Karlsdotter b.1865 in Karlskoga  
P4112 Karolina Karlsdotter b.1868 in Karlskoga  
P4124 Sara Karlsdotter b.1860 in Karlskoga  
P4130 Karl Olsson b.1864 in Karlskoga  
P4165 Johan Johan-/Gustavsson b.1880 in Skagershult  
P4167 Ernst Johan-/Gustavsson b.1884 in Skagershult  
P4171 Elin Gustavsson b.1898 in Skagershult  
P4174 Astrid Wiman b.1908 in Skagershult  
P4190 Ernst Andersson b.1895 in Kvistbro  
P4191 Nils Andersson b.1920 in Kvistbro  
P4265 Karl Karlsson b.1887 in Nysund d.1961 in USA
P4266 Gustav Nilsson b.1890 in Nysund d.1926 in Chicago, Illinois
P4274 Anna Nilsson b.1897 in Visnum d.1974 in USA
P4277 Karl Erlandsson b.1862 in Nysund P4280's and P4281's brother
P4280 Augusta Erlandsdotter b.1870 in Nysund P4277's and P4281's sister
P4281 Josefina Erlandsdotter b.1878 in Kvistbro P4277's and P4280's sister
P4321 Ernst Nilsson b.1904 in Amnehärad  
P4476 Ebba Nelson (P4266's wife) b.1895 d. ca 1925 in USA
P4477 Härold Nelson b.1915 in USA d.1959 in USA
P4478 Margret Nelson b.1919 in USA d.1989 in Västerås, Sweden
P4493 Gustav Karlsson  Brothers b.1885 in Kvistbro  
P5203 Nils Karlsson           = b.1905 in Kvistbro  
P4520 Jan (Johan) Jonsson b.1843 in Kvistbro  
P4525 Anna Karlsdotter b.1878 in Kvistbro  
P4556 Gustav Granberg b.1880 in Nysund  
P4583 Karl Kilström       Brothers b.1885 in Karlskoga d.1973 in USA
P4584 Vilhelm Kilström       = b.1888 in Karlskoga d.1968 in USA
P4585 Einar Kilström          = b.1892 in Karlskoga d.1956 in USA
P4587 Gustav Kilström       = b.1898 in Karlskoga d.1977 in USA
P4597 Hildur Svensson, P4587's wife, and their daughters: b.1902 in Vassända Naglum d. in USA
     Majken b.1922 in Karlskoga  
     Herta b.1923 in Karlskoga  
P4615 Emma Karlsson b.1881 in Karlskoga P4616's sister
P4616 Karl Karlsson b.1884 in Karlskoga d. ~1932 in USA. P4515's brother
P4640 Maria Lovisa Nilsson b.1873 in Västra Skedvi (U)  
P4661 Karl Olsson b.1858 in Karlskoga  
P4672 Karl Pettersson
Emmy Wahlqvist
  Anna Pettersson
  Karl Pettersson
b.1898 in Örebro
b.1897 in Hidinge
b.1921 in Örebro
b.1922 in Almby
The family emigrated
to Iowa in 1923
P4750 Alfred Johannesson
Augusta Petersdotter
  Hanna Alfredsdotter
  Simon Alfredsson
  Isak Alfredsson
b.1862 in Grava
b.1856 in Grava
b.1884 in Grava
b.1886 in Grava
b.1888 in Grava
 His wife
   Their children
P4751 Herman Johannesson b.1866 in Grava Brother
P4752 Anders Johannesson b.1871 in Grava Brother
P4753 Ida Johannesdotter b.1875 in Grava Sister
P4791 Maria Jonsdotter b.1835 in Karlskoga  
P4809 Karl Olsson b.1852 in Karlskoga  
P4816 Jonas Eriksson b.1851 in Karlskoga Brother
P4817 Maria Eriksdotter
Karl Andersson
  Karl Andersson
  Anna Andersson
  Erik Andersson
  Elin Andersson
b.1855 in Karlskoga
b.1849 in Karlskoga
b.1875 in Karlskoga
b.1878 in Karlskoga
b.1881 in Karlskoga
b.1883 in Karlskoga
 Her husband
   Their children
P4821 Gustav Olsson b.1864 in Karlskoga Siblings
P4822 Per Olsson b.1866 in Karlskoga     -"-
P4826 Karl Olsson b.1875 in Karlskoga     -"-
P4828 Frida Olsson b.1880 in Karlskoga     -"-
P4954 August Pettersson
Maria Karlsdotter
b.1858 in Hidinge
b.1860 in Vintrosa
P4951's brother
August's wife
P4951 Gustav Persson Karlberg
Lovisa Betty Karlsdotter
b.1851 in Knista
b.1854 in Karlskoga
P4954's brother
Gustav's wife
P5007 Peter Larsson b.1846 in Varnum  
P5024 Johan Pettersson b.1833 in Karlskoga  
P5029 Erik Ersson b.1826 in Karlskoga  
P5165 Emilia Birath b.1849 in Kvistbro Siblings
P5168 Adolf  Birath b.1855 in Kvistbro     -"-
P5174 Erland Birath b.1861 in Kvistbro     -"-
P5176 Alma Birath b.1865 in Kvistbro     -"-
P5177 Hilda Birath b.1869 in Kvistbro     -"-
P5235 Erik Karlsson b.1858 in Karlskoga           Siblings
P5238 Kristina Karlsdotter b.1864 in Karlskoga              -"-      Destination Pueblo
P5246 Karl Karlsson b.1888 in Karlskoga  
P5350 Hilda Persdotter b.1877 in Järbo  
P5488 Anna Karlsson b.1882 in Karlskoga Sisters
P5489 Lovisa Karlsson b.1884 in Karlskoga    -"-
P5494 Berta Karlsson b.1902 in Karlskoga    -"-   returned to Sweden 1930
Gustav Leander
Emma Johansdotter
  Gerda Leander
  Karl Leander
  Sigrid Leander
b.1862 in Karlskoga
b.1863 in Karlskoga
b.1883 in Karlskoga
b.1885 in Karlskoga
b.1898 in Karlskoga
P5505 John Irving Jansson b.1915 in USA  
P5624 Anders Andersson b.1859 in Hidinge Destination Fergus Falls, Minnesota
P5613 Karl Leander Becker b.1855 in Hidinge Destination Hallock (1887)
P5614 Anna M. Modin (Becker) b.1862 in Njurunda Destination Wachburn Wisc. (1888)
Josef Olsson
Lisa Jonasdotter
  Anna Josefsdotter
  Karl Josefsson
  Isak Josefsson
  Sofia Josefsdotter
  Frans Josefsson
b.1806 in Karlskoga
b.1808 in Bjurtjärn
     † 1856
† 1905 in Stockholm, Wisconsin
    called Newman
P5847 Emma Jansdotter b.1861  
Karl Johansson
Oskar Johansson
Anna Johansson
Emilia Johansson
Augusta Johansson
b.1877 in Svartå
b.1879 in Arvika
b.1882 in Arvika
b.1884 in Arvika
b.1887 in Arvika
   returned to Sweden 1924
  -"-   † 1943 in Natick, Massachusetts
Johan Törnqvist
Oskar Törnqvist
b.1898 in Skagershult
b.1905 in Skagershult
Brothers   † 1975 in Oakland, California
    -"-       † 1995 in Glendale, California
P6121 Julius Andersson b.1871 in Färnebo Destination Chicago (1893)658
P3529 Anna Stina Olsson
  Olof Olsson
  Nils Olsson
  Anton Olsson
  Amanda Olsson
  Signe Olsson
  Oskar Olsson
b.1845 in Dalby
b.1874 in Östmark
b.1877 in Östmark
b.1882 in Östmark
b.1884 in Östmark
b.1886 in Östmark
b.1889 in Östmark
Widow/mother, emigrated 1904. Their last
son, emigrated 1893                  known
son, emigrated 1901                  address:
son, emigrated 1901                  Chicago,
daughter, emigrated 1904          Illinois
daughter, emigrated 1902
son, emigrated 1904
P6452 Karl Abrahamsson Forsberg
Johanna Petersdotter
b.1838 in Nysund
b.1851 in Nysund
b.1862 in Nysund
b.1864 in Nysund
b.1868 in Nysund
b.1870 in Nysund
b.1878 in Nysund
Father          The family emigrated 1880.
Mother          Destination Chicago
Johan Bernhard Jansson
Anna Linnéa Jansson
Signe Karolina Jansson
b.1881 in Östra Ämtervik
b.1886 in Sunne
b.1888 in Sunne
Siblings from Sunne in Värmland.
Anders Karlgren
Maria Kajsa Jansdotter
Olof Karlgren
Anders Gustav Karlgren
Johan Karlgren
Erik Karlgren
b.1832 in Karlskoga
b.1833 in Karlskoga
b.1861 in Karlskoga
b.1863 in Karlskoga
b.1865 in Karlskoga
b.1868 in Karlskoga
Father          The family emigrated 1871.
Mother          Destination Keokuk, Iowa.
Erik Andersson
Anna Andersdotter
Karolina Eriksdotter
Anna Eriksdotter
Johanna Eriksdotter
b.1829 in Nerkes Kil
b.1822 in Karlskoga
b.1859 in Karlskoga
b.1861 in Karlskoga
b.1868 in Karlskoga
Father          The family emigrated 1881-1883.
Lovisa Olsdotter
Erik Olsson
b.1859 in Karlskoga
b.1863 in Karlskoga
Sister         emigrated 1879 from Lunnedet
Brother       emigrated 1880 from Lunnedet

Erland Karlsson Björnberg
Emma Karlsdotter
Ulrika Karlsdotter
b.1862 in Hidinge
b. 1855 in Knista
b. 1883 in Stockholm
b. 1864 in Hidinge
Emigrated 1900. † 1923 Ohio, Cleveland
His wife, Lydia Hällström.
Erlands sister. Emigrated 1894.
Emmas daughter.
Erlands sister. Emigrated 1890.
P6813 Nils Eriksson b. 1862 in Hidinge Emigrated 1883